What is PPC?

PPC reflects a pay-per-click Web marketing model in which advertisers pay a fee any time users click on an ad. It’s an excellent solution for the search engine to improve web traffic and interest in your business..

Services we provide:

We at Webota provide the following Pay per Click (PPC) services:

App advertising ( For Mob app only )

Mobile marketing lets you sell android or IOS applications through various promotional channels outside of the app market. Users will install the app directly from the advertisements. Different types of app install advertising are prominent: There are

  • Search app install ads
  • Display app install ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Youtube app install ads

Search With Display Network Advertising

It is a mix of adwords on Google Ads, which include 'Network scan only' and 'network view only'. This uses improved cues and refines more judgment about when and how the advertising would work best. It helps you to have a very limited and narrow target audience which will be more involved in and will eventually be able to buy your product and we enable you to build these promotions.

Shopping - product listing ads

Further detail than standard text centered advertising is provided in the product listings often known as Google shopping advertisements. These have a range of distinctive features such as an illustration of the company, specific product information such as price and focus on the types of goods and items. We'll target advertisements to put the goods until customers try what you offer on Google.

Display Advertising

Display advertising utilizes visual elements, such as posters, photos, videos, icons, etc. We provide the best working approach for our team of professionals to build a show guaranteeing the continuous flow of visitors to your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is nothing but finding group of words which closely relates with your product and help in making more bids and conversions. Our experts will perform comprehensive keyword research to drive more traffic to your site.

Report creation

The success and marketing statistics for all PPC programs available on the website will be constantly tracked. Based on requirements we will provide comprehensive regular, weekly and monthly reports


Retargeting is a unique way of reconnecting to consumers who have shown curiosity or previously visited the web site or who have made instant transactions. You can show a special ad on the items already viewed on your website when you have established the target audience.

Search Advertising

Search ads also known as advertisement for search engines allow you to display advertisements on any search engine sites like Bing, Google and Yahoo at the top of the search results. Help us develop a perfect strategy for getting the user to your platform according to your requirements.

Campaign and Adgroup development

This belongs to the PPC. Advertising campaigns targeted at a series of related keywords. It lets you combine keywords and compose statements about a common theme. We help you identify keywords and build and effective campaign to drive more traffic to your site.

Relevance score

Relevance or quality score are the scores on keywords and PPC advertising given by Google. We will boost the PPC campaign's pertinence.

Cost Per Acquisition Optimization

Cost per acquisition or cost per action is marketing metric to determine the cost incurred in acquiring a new customer on a campaign. It can be calculated by dividing Total campaign cost by number of conversions. Our experts help you optimize the cost incurred for advertisements.

Local business advertising:

It is also known as local marketing or regional advertisement, which is aimed around a specific community or demography through personalized messages. We help you create your online customer database.

Youtube advertising

You can reach millions of potential buyers with youtube ads. There are several forms of youtube ads that can be used to configure.
Our professional team will help you select the right advertisements for your business to expand in order to reach the market.

  • Trueview In-stream
  • Trueview video
  • Bumper ads
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Cards and sponsored

Benefits of PPC

  • 01

    Promote Directly to People Searching for a Business Like You

  • 02

    Directed Advertising to focused group of spectators (Leverage Audiences)

  • 03

    Contact the Right People at the Right Time

  • 04

    Quantifiable ROI/Measurable outcomes

  • 05

    Brand Exposure/Brand Awareness/Brand acknowledgment

  • 06

    No reliance on SEO or Google Algorithmic changes

  • 07

    Pay Only When People Click (Free Impressions means free marking)

  • 08

    Confine your Spend on Advertisement (Adjust spending plan whenever)/Budget Friendly

  • 09

    Publicize Locally or Globally

  • 10

    Quick Impact/Fast Results

  • 11

    Exploit business openings (Festive Season Offers)

  • 12

    Open your ways to nearby clients (Local Search)

  • 13

    Simple Reporting

  • 14

    Remarket your crowd

  • 15

    Select your focused Network for Advertising

  • 16

    Gadget Preference

Why Choose Us?

We are a business with massive PPC marketing experience. We take data-driven actions, refine the strategy constantly and analyze the entire sales funnel to help turn any experience into revenue. We will also provide you with perfect keywords to ensure sure you find the user in the top ads for a search query.

Higher Return of Investment (ROI)

Higher conversion rates

Significant CPC reduction

Unique advertisement copies

Increase in traffic to your website

Experienced and qualified professionals

Effective campaign reports

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