Managed Services for AWS

We can all agree to the notion that AWS is a powerful tool but the challenges that comes with it are profound as the complexity is high. You may find that the solutions are consuming a lot of time, you are not getting desired result<span “>s and cost are getting way out of hand. AWS is loaded with tonnes of amazing features. So the prime challenge you face is to select the right option that best cater the need of your business and gives your customers a smooth eCommerce experience.

Our Offerings

Tailored to give your business an edge

Unparalleled Performance:

With the proper use of auto scaling of clusters and CDN we can attain high level performance. We can achieve significant reduction in downtime. Your static content such as Images, CSS & JS can be served using Cloudfront.

Optimized solution:

Choosing the right tool for right purpose, deploying optimum number of tools, and driving these tools to their full potential is the key to operate Eco-system of the cloud. Proper scalability and instance reservation can lead you to cost effective solutions.

Smooth Migration:

Migrating your current infrastructure and database to cloud can be a mind-boggling business. Moreover this should be done in minimum time to decrease the dowtime and risk.


We can use AWS to its full potential with the automation. With this we can achieve Architecture Automation , Code Deployment Automation, Container Cluster Build and Management.


Security is the primary concern when operating your business in eCommerce. AWS must be configured to achieve the highly secure environment. This can be achieved by using best suited security tools and best practice security configurations.

Monitoring and Support:

The cloud environment must be monitored regularly for fault recognition and fast Incident Response. You can have customer centric core analysis to boost your business. We can create backups to restore the system at times of data loss.

Our Way

Understand the business model and expectations

We start by understanding your business model and expectations from your e Commerce environment so that we can provide with best inputs. We combine our business understanding, our experience and technical skills.

Architect the infrastructure

To carefully select the best suited tools to achieve cost optimization while meeting the criteria of best standards

Configure the resources

To get achieve fast delivery.

Manage Everything

To provide 24/7 Pro-active support, generate Reports.

Our expertise lies in following features powered by AWS-

  • For Computation and AutomationECZ, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk
  • Storage,Database and Content Delivery – Glacier, Cloud Front, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache
  • Management – CloudWatch, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, Trusted advisor
  • Security – Certificate Manager, CloudHSM, WAF & Shield

Free your self from the worries of whys and hows of cloud management. We will manage all your Migration, Infrastructure, Database , Security & Automation in AWS so that you can manage your business.