B2B insight of Magento

An important part of having B2B ecommerce website is to identify required features of your business which can easily be available out of the box in ecommerce platform you will be opting to go with, or can easily be incorporated with some customization or use of ready extension. For a customer on a B2B website it’s important to have a B2C like shopping experience.

The B2B sales process is often complicated and can be challenging to deal with in an ecommerce website. Magento’s out of the box features allow to get an outstanding B2B website.

1. Mobile Friendly Website


A mobile optimized website allow customers to view website on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Magento introduced RWD (Responsive web design) with their template system which allow website users to view desktop webpage to various size of screens resolutions. i.e ipad and mobile devices.

It helps your customers and sales staff to place orders on any device, at any time which indirectly increasing the sales.

2. Customer registration

A B2C website allow customers to purchase products without creating an account on the website, however for B2B website it is mandatory to create an account as it allows customers access to the custom prices, products, based on the customer group.


3. Robust Account Management


Magento allows to manage your client accounts by setting roles and permissions, and creating tiered users and customers. You can also create groups, add and delete users, view detailed order histories, and allow different groups of customers to buy certain products.

From B2B perspective, Multiple users in a single account is a must have feature. In B2B, an individual customer is business and many people from staff of the business can place orders under a single account. This is not out of the box feature of Magento but can be easily achieved with the use of ready extension or customization.

4. Bulk Orders

In B2B, customer knows what they want to order. Usually a customer re-order the products or want easy way to order product in bulk instead adding single product to cart. Bulk order is not out of the box feature of Magento. There are many extension available in Magento Marketplace which optimizes customer ordering process by allowing them to add multiple products to cart quickly.

Bulk ordering system make complicated B2B order process simple and easy to use. There are many extensions which enhance bulk ordering by allowing customers to add products to cart using CSV import.


5. Quote Management & Price Negotiation


Price is most crucial and one of the important feature of B2B business model. In some B2B businesses Price Negotiation and customer quote pricing plays vital role as some product are complicated to quote a price.

Magento Commerce supports customer quoting and price negotiations, and with quote creation you can quote to order and route for approval and streamlined request for quote workflow within Magento.

There are advance extensions available for price negotiation and quote request which allow B2B site owners to create and manage quote from admin panel. After price negotiation and quote acceptance quote can be converted to order and process the order using the normal Magento workflow.

6. Master Inventory Management

As B2B business deals in large orders, it is challenging to manage inventory in real time. Magento allow to improve operations with a single solution for managing orders from all sales channels. It help to provide customers with accurate, real-time inventory from across your dropshippers and can easily automated business rules to optimize your fulfilment costs and delivery times.

There are third party services and extension which enhances inventory management system Magento and sync stock level in real time.