What is email marketing?

E-mail marketing is an e-mail communication form used to promote consumers ‘ products and services. This allows us to create and strengthen customer relationships, educate them about products and services, develop customer loyalty, and more.

Our email marketing services

Email Marketing Account Setup

Set up your account on the email resource that fits your business better and trigger it. Our experts should execute the whole activation process, like:

  • Domain verification
  • Domain authentication (DKIM)
  • Design your Sign up form (If required)
  • Audience Segregation
  • List of Subscribers

Site/Store Integration

We will integrate your site/store with the email marketing campaign. Targeted email campaigns drive traffic, engagement and transactions back on the website. Without mutual support and close integration, they’re not as successful. By integrating your website with your email marketing solution, these data (Customer database – with email signup forms, Gated content, Product purchase, Registration etc.) can be made readily available to:

  • Segment your lists
  • Trigger autoresponders
  • Insert dynamic content into campaigns

Google Analytics Integration

By integrating your email marketing platform with Google Analytics, we will help you achieve the following:

  • Complete control over your email marketing campaigns
  • Monitor the output of each e-mail
  • Individual campaigns
  • Track user behaviour
  • Tracking conversions
  • Measuring ROI

Create Multiple Contact Lists

Upload Excel, Outlook, Salesforce or anywhere you store your contacts and manage our easy to use email marketing instruments. We will create contact lists based on:

  • Demography
  • Location
  • Interest base
  • Purchase history

Subscriber segmentation

We will help you divide your customers based on their interests and needs. It ensures that you have a more targeted reach and better conversion rates. Automatic bounce and unsubscribe handling - Email marketing automation will perform the following tasks:

  • Reporting on bounced emails as hard bounces, soft bounces, mail, unsubscribed reports or abuse / fraud reporting (FBL reports)
  • Delete or unsubscribe hard bounce emails and FBL reports from contact groups accordingly
  • Update the bounce email status for external groups
  • Depending on your settings insert or delete hard bounce emails and FBL reports emails from external databases
  • Delete temporary bounce, auto-reply messages and challenge-response from the mail server

AutoResponders Campaign Set Up

Autoresponders campaign keeps your audience engaged and build a stronger relationship. Our AutoResponders campaign enables you to:

  • Email subscribers when they they’re tagged
  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Say Happy Birthday
  • Share blog updates
  • Turn on an abandoned cart mail
  • Enable order notifications

HTML Email Templates Design

We at Webota will enable you to build attractive HTML email template from various designs to choose from. Choosing the best theme or templates from system/tool our team will help you design the email template for your brand and make your emails look professional.

Email Marketing Strategy and Planning

We will devise a strategy to increase ROI, generation of leads and better conversion keeping following points:

  • Re-engage customers
  • Seasonal offers
  • Updates on new products/blogs
  • Emails on particular occasion
  • Anniversary mails

Campaign Creation & Publish

A successful email marketing campaign will get the customers to take action and engage with your website. Our experts will devise a perfect marketing strategy to help you manage and grow your business.


Our experts will compile every data to get you a report that will help you grow your business. Our reports will include:

  • Heat maps to know precisely where your contacts click
  • Geographic reporting
  • Know exactly what contacts open in an email
  • And much more

We will also suggest corrective action to take to further increase the conversion rates and better promotion of a brand.

Why go for Email Marketing?

Highly targeted to a specific audience

Helps save lot of funds

Easily modifiable

SEO compatible

Most preferred communication channel

Why Opt Us?

  • Cost effective email marketing services.
  • Higher ROI.
  • Innovative email campaigns.
  • 8+ years of experience in email marketing.

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