Managed Services for AWS

Amazon Web Service is a solution that’s open, scalable, highly technical, safe, and cost-efficient. And releasing the application on this is a little troubling for most businesses. Our services help you create, manage and develop your enterprise with an optimized cloud network. To address the technicalities involved, you should rely on our expertise complemented by a transparent price framework for the AWS operation.

Why Choose us?

  • Unit of seasoned and accredited developers for state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Expertise in AWS hybrid or full migration approach.
  • A dynamic business approach tailored to the limited budget.
  • 24 /7 support.
  • 100 per cent transparency across the development process.
  • End-to-end assistance in the production, delivery and management of AWS related services.
  • Extensive expertise and quality in the AWS infrastructure stack.

Services we provide

Smooth Migration

Migrating your current infrastructure and database to cloud can be a mind-boggling business. Moreover this should be done in minimum time to decrease the dowtime.

Unparalleled Performance

With the proper use of auto scaling of clusters and CDN we can attain high level performance. We can achieve significant reduction in downtime. Static content such as Images, CSS & JavaScript can be served using Cloudfront.


We can use AWS to its full potential with the automation. With this we can achieve Architecture Automation , Code Deployment Automation, Container Cluster Build.


Security is the primary concern when operating your business in eCommerce. AWS must be configured to achieve the highly secure environment. This can be achieved by using best suited security tools and best practice security configurations.

Optimized solution

Choosing the right tool for right purpose, deploying optimum number of tools, and driving these tools to their full potential is the key to operate Eco-system of the cloud.

Monitoring and Support

The cloud environment must be monitored regularly for fault recognition and fast Incident Response. You can have customer centric core analysis to boost your business. We can create backups to restore the system at times of data loss.

What we do

We assist businesses in managing the following Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Route53

AWS ELB management


AWS AutoScaling

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Cloud Security


AWS CloudWatch


AWS Elasti Cache


AWS CloudFront

AWS WorkMail



Why you should choose AWS?

  • 01

    Geographical location:

    AWS has developed into a regional leader in cloud computing. This currently maintains 44 mobility zones across 16 regional areas across the globe. The programs also involve 14 other open regions, as well as five other countries, such as China. And regardless of the geographic venue, you went to AWS.

  • 02

    Pricing on the go platform:

    High versatility helps Amazon to offer a pay-as-you-go product that will dramatically increase the company’s bottom line (up to 70 per cent in certain situations). And the system’s complex price mechanism is the most important of all explanations for preferring AWS. Because customers may pause and resume instances as they need to, they only end up paying for what they want.

  • 03

    Automated Multi-Region Backups:

    AWS provides different forms of recovery including AMIs and EBS screenshots. And the open existence and global scope of AWS provide for the easy and efficient storing of sensitive information across various geographic locations.

  • 04

    Third-Party APIs:

    AWS API means that in keeping with the general versatility of the platform, you can access the cloud-based infrastructure in various programming languages. This also ensures that there are various third-party providers available to assist you and help you use all the time-saving resources AWS has to provide.

  • 05


    The system provides a broad degree of versatility to meet the needs of individual companies. For example, customer-defined labelling lets companies easily monitor and control resources. There are practically no limitations on whether or when to use complex AWS brands, from quality regulation and protection to organisation and automation.

  • 06

    Deployment Speed:

    Normal providers allow somewhere from 48-96 hours to provide a database. You then have to reset it for a few hours and get it all reviewed. AWS shrinks to minutes; this time for delivery.

Benefits of choosing AWS

Easy to use




Scalable & High performance


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