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Akeneo is an open source PIM software that helps companies boost their efficiency by offering the most efficient and reliable way for their employees to manage clear, high-quality and correct product information through multiple channels.
Through providing multi-channel data import and export capability. Akeneo forms the central repository for all your product data that is critical.In such a scenario, data processing and completion without much automation becomes complex and troubled.That’s where the PIM from Akeneo comes in.

Role of Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM is particularly useful for retailers working on multiple channels and has a large number of SKUs. It also helps if you’re selling in different languages internationally. Akeneo streamline your multi channel ecommerce software’s data enrichment and localization process, allowing you to easily populate your product on various e-commerce channels and increase your sales.

The widely used Product management tool centralizes your products in one place where you can easily manage and enrich your products and then distribute them to various sales, channels of e-commerce, marketplace or print media.

How Akeneo can help you

Centralize information about your product

Provide Full Information

Specific Product information sharing

Improve the customer experience

Simplify your management of multiple languages

Onboard your suppliers

Advice and Know-how

  • Specialized in Akeneo since its release.
  • Guide you before/during/after the project.
  • Adapt the platform to your requirements.
  • Develop code that is reusable and documented.
  • Simplify the tool’s learning.
  • Optimize the structure of data.

How & What We Do It

We built Akeneo for modular mobility and high performance using the best open source technologies in class. Our Professional Services team is committed to helping you by keeping your Akeneo installation on track.

We offers a range of services for Akeneo PIM



Configure Akeneo

Configure Magento


Configure Akeneo Connector for Magento 2

API configuration

Attribute configuration

Categories configuration

Advanced Configuration

Standard Configuration

Products Configuration

Filter Products configuration

Here are some further advantages of using Akeneo

A PIM approach increases efficiency by allowing the employees more effective and able to deliver accurate and consistent product information of high quality.

  • Extremely User-Friendly.
  • Seamless Managing of Product Data.
  • Easy & Quick Importing of Product Details and Images.
  • Compatible with Multiple Web Services.
  • Better quality Product Information Validation.
  • Expand your product offerings.

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