PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Bridging the gap between Mobile and Web

PWAs are the web application which combines the best features of web application and native applications to give the cost effective solutions that can elevate your business. PWA explores the possibility of what if a website can be made to be much more than a mere website. We, at Webota, are always in quest to implement new technologies to get more optimized and future ready solutions for our clients. With the PWA development, we are expanding our scope of services.

Why PWA ?

If we take eCommerce into account, we find that most websites are fully responsive and also have their own native mobile application for android and iOS. PWA adopts the contemporary web capabilities to achieve the mobile app like user experience in mobile phones. It presents a cost effective solution that too with app like experience. No more building mobile applications for android and iOS and still you can reach larger number of customers. Another issue that PWA addresses is storage. The average size range of mobile application is between 20 Mb to 200 Mb. Further, the application needs to be regularly updated. With PWA, both issues are solved, the applications are of few Kbs and are automatically updated.

The important technologies used to create the Progressive Web Applications that provides different benefits are:

1) Manifest: The web app manifest is a W3C specification defining a JSON-based manifest which includes various information about the application. The main purpose is to allow the application to be installed in mobile devices giving users an ultimate eCommerce experience.

2) Service Worker: No doubt that Native mobile application gives better performance but at the expense of storage space and also lack real time update. With the help of service worker, we can achieve offline functionality and the app will always be up to date.

3) Application Shell Architecture: We use App shell model to build PWA. It provides a static frame in which content can be filled using ‘Progressive Enhancement’. Together with service worker, it provides enhanced functionality.

How G square will boost your business using PWA?

  • Platform: Our team develops Progressive web Applications for websites built in various platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Big commerce and WordPress.
  • No Limitations: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can be downloaded and used by a user irrespective of browser or operating system.
  • Engaging User experience: PWA provides engaging experience with features like push buttons.
  • Security: SSL certification is one of the prerequisites to developing PWA. HTTPS protocol prevents snooping and ensures that the content is not tampered with.
  • Connectivity independent: With the help of service workers, the application can work offline or on slower networks. The more the user interacts with the app, more potent it gets.
  • Easy to Discover – W3C manifests and service workers allow search engines to find them easily.
  • Linkable – Easily shared via URL and do not require installation. User can directly create the application from web and pin it to the mobile screens.

If you are looking enter the mobile sector, this presents a good and cost effective option to consider. We can help you to develop the Progressive Web Application irrespective of the platform.