Get the Best Migration Experience to Shopify | Shopify+

Whether you’re an existing user of Shopify (looking for functionality enhancement) or want to move to Shopify, we’ve got Shopify experts to deal with all the trouble involved. Webota provides you with the finest and most accessible migration services in Shopify. We have an expert team of 100 + developers. Our Shopify migration agency has so far served thousands of multinational customers with end-to-end Web solutions.

Reasons for migrating to shopify/shopify plus

Changing from a traditional network to a modern one requires tremendous effort. Also, more store owners are switching to either Shopify or Shopify Plus. Would engaging in migration make any real sense? Here are some reasons why the platform(s) should be moved to Shopify.

  • Minimum developer assistance is required to maintain a Shopify store.
  • Uncomplicated security and hosting infrastructure.
  • Inbuilt payment processing for easy payments.
  • Comparatively cheaper prices.
  • Wide range of features, functionalities, add-ons, and apps.
  • Quick implementation and website setup.

End-to-end Shopify Migration Services

As experts at Shopify, we have had the experience of managing migrations from major e-commerce stores. Hundreds of migrations for aspirational brands have been completed, while ensuring smooth transitions..

Products, Orders and Consumers data migration

Thorough SEO tagging and linking.

Checking for and Ensuring Mobile Responsiveness

Addition of new UX enhancement Apps

Migration of your domain, taxes, Shipping details

Integrating any third party solutions that you are currently using or want to use.

Payment gateways integration

Redesigning the entire website as per your requirements

Some Shopify Statistics

Active users
Sales on the platform
Business Powered

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