Migration to Magento

As one of Magento Migration’s world class development companies, we know all that an eCommerce company needs to succeed. We’ll switch the site to the updated version of the Magento app,with the help of the insights we’ve gathered through our experiences over the years. Let our Magento 2 migration services be the means for your business game if you are prepared to play a few notches above ordinary.

Our Magento Migration Services

Database Migration

Ensuring that the entire ecommerce database is migrated to Magento without data loss and within a minimum span of time.

Store Customization

Migrating the store's existing web layout to an elegant Magento theme to make sure the new store looks attractive.

Quality Assurance Testing

Making sure that during the migration process none of the unique functionality or storage data are missing and the store operates Seamlessly as before.

Extension Update

Updating the online store's latest extensions with those compliant with the Magento platform.

Maintenance & Support

Providing Magento Migration Maintenance and Support Services 24 hours a day to guarantee the problems are solved as quickly and efficiently.

SEO data migration

Bringing the SEO URL and other related data into the new store to retain the internet search rankings

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration process

Preparing a Migration plan

Creating a Staging environment

Design & theme development

Third party installations

Data Migration


Bug Fixes

Magento 2 Store live

Migrating to Magento from Plethora of Platforms

The platform is a popular alternative for building feature rich, versatile and efficient business solutions with millions of online stores operating on Magento. Magento migration is a fully managed service provided by Webota which enables established platform stores to migrate to Magento.

Our experts identify the business ‘ current data layout and organizational procedures and move the store while maintaining structural integrity. With this move, you are able to experience Magento’s exponential growth without losing the online store’s quality or features.

Migrating From Magento 1 To Magento 2

The latest version of the platform will improve the performance, accessibility, and protection of your Magento store. It is therefore important to move onto the new framework update. If you are still in Magento 1 any reason to move to Magento 2 includes:

migration why chooseus
  • Native support for HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Architecture built for speed.
  • Advanced content staging.
  • New and fresh design in Admin.
  • Elastic search.
  • Outstanding security.
  • Integrated video.
  • In-Site PayPal experience.
  • PCI compliance hosted fields.
  • Responsive admin interface.
  • Streamlined checkout process.

Why Choose Us to migrate to Magento 2 ?

Certified Magento Developers

19+ years experience on Magento Platform

Preserved SEO Rankings

All Security Patches Included

Zero Data Loss

Zero Downtime

100% Data Security

Timely Delivery

Benefits of magento 2

  • Easy Admin Panel.
  • Improved Database Performance.
  • High Scalability and Flexibility.
  • Performance Optimized to Boosts Speed.
  • Integrated Marketing Automation.
  • Advanced Reporting.
  • Full Page Caching.
  • Varnish 4 And PhP 7 Support.
  • CSS Preprocessor.
  • Highly secured.

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