10 Great Ways to improve your Website’s Alexa Ranking

10 Great Ways to improve your Website’s Alexa Ranking

It is every website owner’s dream to figure on the top in any website listing, especially if it is the ranking endorsed by Alexa, which is a benchmark by which the fate of all websites are decided. It is not enough to own a beautifully designed website that is rich in visuals and content. The crucial question is how many people visited your website, or in other words, what is the amount of traffic that gets diverted to your website? This is the parameter by which Alexa ranks any website. Moreover, the very purpose of a website is to attract visitors who will ultimately contribute to the revenues of the company.

Any SEO (search engine optimization) company worth its salt needs to realize the importance of Alexa ranking. Alexa is the premier web ranking company that indexes all the ranking information of websites across the world, based on individual performance of each site. The metrics that Alexa provides decide the quality and efficacy of any website. As far as Alexa is concerned, only web traffic and the number of page views are considered the key parameters for ranking of any site. Of course, the Alexa toolbar needs to be installed in the web browser to view the ranking of the sites. Here are ten tips on how to improve your sites ranking.

Increase traffic to your site

This is probably easier said than done, and to figure on the first page of the search engine results pages you need to first ensure that you are using the appropriate keywords and anchor tags. Also, ensure that the off-page and on-page optimization are perfect. Follow this up by getting quality backlinks, which is the life breath of your website. Lastly, you may want to get paid traffic through Google’s Adwords campaign.

Decrease the Bounce Rate

You don’t want people leaving the moment they visit your site. Make sure that your website is appealing enough to hold the attention of the visitors. An unimpressive website has a very high bounce rate. More reasons that can cause irritation include malfunctioning buttons, poor page layout and frequent incidence of page errors.

Be noticed on Social Media

With the number of Facebook users having crossed the billion mark long ago, there are too many people spending a good amount of their time on Facebook. The best thing to do would be to have the various groups on FB as your target audience. You’ll notice how this can work wonders for your website; however you need to first gain the trust of the groups for them to allow you to interact.

Make your own Alexa Widget for ranking

There is nothing that can beat creating your own Alexa widget as it helps you view the Alexa ranking on all the pages of your website. All you need to do is to simply paste the widget’s JavaScript code on to the HTML page, and you are done.

Create a Custom Toolbar

Alexa has a toolbar creator that will let you customize your own toolbar, which will help promote your website in a big way. Encourage the visitors to your website to install this toolbar as this gives better visibility to your website.

Create and Post Quality Content

Content is king, and all SEO practitioners are aware of this fact. Hence, it is a smart idea to create quality content that is compelling. People get drawn automatically to quality content, and once you have their attention, you can have them eating out of your hands. You can also look out for quality backlinks that will enhance the traffic being generated to your site.

Blog submissions

Submitting interesting blogs and articles to various blog directories and websites is a great way to attract inbound links to your website. Remember that most of the directories and websites have their own set of rules and restrictions that need to be followed. Sign up today and notice the difference it makes.

Use Videos

Use as many videos as possible, but ensure that the videos are short, crisp and interesting. Blog posts that are accompanied by short videos are more popular today. You can share such blogs or videos on the Social Media as most people are hooked to watching videos. Increased exposure simply means better ranking.

Don’t Ignore Google Plus

You will find that a select crowd comprising geeks and webmasters hanging out frequently on Google Plus. Though the number of people accessing Google Plus may be small, they are people who matter a lot.

Publicize your ranking

If you are fortunate enough to have a good Alexa ranking, why not get more mileage out of it? The best way to do this is by sharing the information with your friends on the social media and with fellow bloggers. A click will do the trick.

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